Kindle E-Book: The Myths of Christianity

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In clear, straightforward terms, Jedediah McClure sifts through centuries of myths and traditions and assembles extensively researched scholarship into an engaging and relatable account of Christianity’s origins. McClure examines the development of core Christian doctrines through the lens of the chaotic era in which this religion took root: an era dominated by foreign occupation and pagan influence, overshadowed by the destruction of Jerusalem – and with it Jewish nationalism – and inundated in apocalyptic fanaticism. Countless prophets, preachers and charlatans alike trekked across the empire performing “miracles” and spreading their own versions of the Word of God. This was an age of confusion and competition – where rival Christian leaders competed with each other for followers; where access to authentic “gospel” texts were in limited supply while countless contradictory “gospels” vied for legitimacy; and where long-standing local traditions from region to region altered the manner in which Christianity was practiced.

Both devout and subversive in the best sense, Myths of Christianity provides a fresh, non-divisive perspective on the origins of the world's largest religion even as it affirms the transformative power of Christian principles. The result is a thought-provoking, elegantly written narrative that makes complex, intertwined, and nuanced historical, cultural, and religious paradigms understandable, enlightening and even fun and entertaining.

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